What has Yanic Truesdale been doing since the end of Gilmore Girls?

Born in Montreal, French-Canadian actor Yanic Truesdale holds dual Canadian and American citizenship. He has worked regularly on Canadian television programs since the end of “Gilmore Girls” (via IMDb). For his role in the “Bad Karma” series, he was nominated for the Gémeaux awards in 2013, which reward French-language productions in Canada. He also appeared in the Canadian action thriller “The Fixer”, which starred Eric Dane. After resuming his role as Michel in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”, he played prominently in the Canadian series “The Wedding Planners” and “Les Mecs”. In the latter, he played the role of one of four main male characters, a man navigating life in his 50s.

Truesdale’s work in the US quieted down after ‘Gilmore Girls’, but in 2022 he appeared in Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy’s Netflix comedy ‘God’s Favorite Idiot’ and seemed to be enjoying the experience immensely, in especially reuniting with Melissa McCarthy. “We met while working [on ‘Gilmore Girls’] and discovering the sensitivity of the other… So, for me, the idea of ​​reuniting with the team and returning to this happy place where we got to know each other was very, very exciting”, he said. declared. TV Insider in June 2022.

Truesdale also branched out after starring in “Gilmore Girls.” He opened a spin studio called Spin Énergie in his native Quebec, inspired by spin studios in the United States (via Montreal Gazette). “My life has been to touch people, to make them laugh… Spin Énergie allows me to touch people in a different way by bringing them health,” he said. Its campus in 2014.

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