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In the last two weeks leading up to the election, Socialist Workers Party candidates campaign to disseminate information about key strikes and labor battles around the world and present the party’s platform. And they introduce the workers to the Activist and books published by Pathfinder.

In Cincinnati, Jacquie Henderson, SWP candidate for US Congress, spoke with railroad workers at CSX Yard on October 13. Some workers already knew the Activist and its coverage of the railway unions’ struggle against attacks from the bosses and the government on an earlier visit by campaign supporters, but for most it was the first time they had seen a copy of the newspaper or met Henderson.

Conductors, stagehands and track workers told him and campaign supporter John Hawkins that they belonged to several different unions, but had all followed the recent workers’ vote closely. of the Way Maintenance Brotherhood rejecting the contract offered to them. Some stopped on the side of the road to explain what they were facing at work with impossible work schedules that did not allow for family life or required rest and the increased danger at work due to reductions in the number of workers.

Two railwaymen obtained subscriptions to the Activistone with a copy of Are they rich because they are smart? Another worker bought The Turn to Industry: Forging a Proletarian Party.

Socialist Workers Party members from Chicago and Minneapolis traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, on October 11 to campaign for Joe Swanson, a retired railroad worker and SWP candidate for Congress.

Campaign supporters spoke with railroad workers at the BNSF rail maintenance base in Lincoln, discussing contracts being voted on with major rail carriers. In the evening, they met Lance Anton, freight driver and member of SMART-TD, about the right to strike for railway workers. “Our class needs to organize and grow stronger to respond with solidarity when needed,” Anton said. “Workers need to see their value and the value of their work. If need be, unionized workers will have to strike and fight for decent pay and safer working conditions and working hours.

Naomi Craine, a railroad worker from Chicago and SWP candidate for governor of Illinois, cited the example of coal miners who struck in the middle of World War II despite threats from bosses and the US government. Postal workers did the same in 1970. “Unions can take what we’re strong enough to take,” Craine said. Anton said workers need to know this story.

In Minneapolis, activists took part in the annual Twin Cities Book Festival on October 15. A feature of the eight-week campaign to get 1,350 Activist subscriptions and to sell an equal number of books is the special offer on the Pathfinder titles featured in the ad. All titles are 20% off Activist the subscribers. Thirteen people present at the fair registered for Activist subscriptions and 25 Pathfinder titles were purchased.

Another key component of the fall campaign is the annual SWP party building fund, which has a goal of $140,000. All the work of the party is based on contributions from workers and farmers.

The Activist/Eric Simpson Communist League table at a protest against Iran in Montreal on October 15 sparked discussions about opposing the
Activist/Mary Ellen MarusThe Communist League table at a demonstration against Iran in Montreal on October 15 sparked discussions about opposing the “morality police”, the end of sanctions against Iran and the economic war of Washington versus Cuba.

In Montreal, members of the Communist League joined a rally of 750 people in support of protests in Iran on October 15. A number of Kurds, dressed in traditional clothing, joined in the action, including Maryam Dayani. “All nationalities are united against the regime – Kurds, Baluchis, Turkmens, Gilaki, Fars and others,” she told campaign supporter Mary Ellen Marus.

“It’s beyond a country, it’s for humanity,” Elham, who did not want his last name used, told Katy LeRougetel, the League’s candidate for the National Assembly. from Quebec to Montreal and a member of the Bakery, Confiserie, Tobacco Workers and Grain Syndicat des meuniers. Elham said she thinks the Canadian government should be careful about accepting people into the country.

“I agree that the struggle of the Iranian people for their rights is for all workers in the world,” said LeRougetel, “but asking the Canadian government to use anti-terrorism laws against immigration will weaken us. The government can use these laws against anyone who protests its policies. They are very swept away.

“There have been a lot of movements in Iran over the past decades, every time it grew, it was cut. They killed, used orders, suppressed using all the force they had,” said Maral, who like Elham, did not want to use his last name for fear of reprisals against family members in Iran, said Campaign supporter Rosemary Ray. “This time we think it’s different.”

A table set up by the League has sparked interest. Four participants signed up for Activist subscriptions, four books purchased and others exchanged contact details with League members.

For more information on SWP campaigns and efforts to gain new readers, contact the SWP or Communist League branch nearest you.

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