Things WWE Wants You To Forget About The Rock

The Rock has one of the most respected WWE careers of all time, but that doesn’t mean WWE wants to discuss every aspect of it. The Rock has witnessed his fair share of embarrassing moments, regrettable stories, or general things that reflect WWE poorly. There are enough elements of The Rock’s days in WWE that the company wants to be forgotten.

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Everyone talks about The Rock’s WrestleMania trilogy with Steve Austin or his biggest promos when breaking down his wrestling career. WWE helped The Rock hone his entertainment side to transition to Hollywood and become a major player. The following things from his wrestling career are what WWE hopes will be forgotten today.

Wasting the return to raise Roman’s hand

WWE only gets so many return appearances from The Rock these days due to his busy schedule. He had a counter-productive return to 2015 Royal Rumble event after his cousin Roman Reigns won the Rumble match.

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The decision was made to bring The Rock back and raise Roman’s hand in victory to ensure the audience cheers. However, it was a huge mistake as the fans booed Reigns out of the building and doubled down. The Rock lost a comeback for doing something that didn’t even help Roman.

Several screwing finishes in Montreal

The Montreal Screwjob was a great moment in wrestling history, but the various recreations of the moment have mostly gone poorly. WWE actually allowed The Rock to win matches twice by using the Montreal Screwjob finisher to get heel heat. The Rock winning the WWE Championship for the first time saw Vince McMahon ring the bell when he put Mick Foley in the Sharpshooter. The same thing happened years later when Vince and The Rock conspired to beat Hulk Hogan. WWE doesn’t like talking about it now because it was about cheap finishes that might just make it look cheaper to be there.

Triple H tried to bury him

The on-screen rivalry between Triple H and The Rock was outstanding, but it also reflected their behind-the-scenes relationship. The Rock and Triple H were professional enough to have great matches despite not being friends in real life. Various stories of wrestlers working with them have revealed Triple H often bashing The Rock backstage to try to sabotage him. The two men were vying for the top spots at the same time, with The Rock still winning just a cut above Triple H.

Return injuries ruined future games

WWE hasn’t seen The Rock have a legitimate wrestling program since he put John Cena on Wrestle Mania 29. The Rock didn’t do much beyond the occasional appearance and a squash match win over Erick Rowan. The main reason for the lack of matches is that The Rock got injured in the final comeback feud with Cena. The Rock’s health is necessary for the movies as he shoots projects all year round and an insurance issue could hurt the studio if he gets injured again.

Facing Billy Gunn at SummerSlam 1999

WWE had a strange idea to place The Rock in a feud with Billy Gunn before SummerSlam 1999. The Rock changed his face after his feud with Steve Austin ended and needed a new opponent for the second biggest show of the year. Gunn received the spot after winning the 1999 King of the Ring tournament. Unfortunately, fans didn’t consider him credible and WWE placed them in a nonsensical gimmick match where the loser had to kiss the winner’s butt. Rock winning and forcing Billy’s face into the back of a big woman is a moment in his career that no one wants to remember.

WWE has allowed John Cena and The Rock to cross the line and become quite ruthless towards each other throughout their build. Both wrestlers threw each other verbal fanatics with seemingly no restrictions regarding the context of their promotions.

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Cena got pretty personal with The Rock when they had a one-on-one promo in the ring. Cena’s ruthless side saw him call out The Rock for writing promotional lines on his wrist to remember him by. Cena calling it received a gasp from the audience as The Rock looked livid for embarrassment.

Fans are turning against him as WWE Champion

Everyone remembers the fans who turned on The Rock early in his career. The story goes that The Rock turned heel to join the Nation of Domination and showed everyone his charisma. However, there would be one more scenario in which the public would oppose him. The Rock leaving for Hollywood has led the public to increasingly resent his part-time status. Fans began to boo The Rock again as a face during his 2002 stint as WWE Champion, especially when facing Brock Lesnar. Turning on The Rock added to Brock’s moment, but no one is talking about the boos towards The Rock during this match.

Diva search segment

WWE wanted the Diva Search to become a huge hit and a new way to build female stars. Many notable names like legends and celebrities have been involved in segments or competitions to stimulate general interest. The Rock even returned in 2004 to hold a pie-eating contest, among other things, due to his use of the pie line in promotions. WWE often placed the women in classless segments throughout the competition, and they basically rubbed pies against their bodies or licked them seductively. The Rock barely returned for the next seven years, so it was also a wasted comeback opportunity to do something better.

Hit Mick Foley with 11 unprotected chair shots

WWE used to push the boundaries in every way possible during the Attitude Era. The Rock and Mick Foley showed a violent side when they faced off in an “I Quit” match at the Royal Rumble 1999 Event. Unprotected chair shots are rightly banned today, but they were basically required back then. The Rock hit Foley in the head eleven times with a chair, to the point that Foley’s children are seen crying in the front row via the Beyond the mat documentary. Both wrestlers would likely repeat that today in an all-time uncomfortably violent match.

Refusal to fight Shawn Michaels

The Rock was known to be rather selfless despite being one of the biggest names in the business. WWE has seen The Rock place others more prominently than Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Triple H and most of the other names at number one. However, there was an adamant refusal from The Rock to work a match with Shawn Michaels. Fans would have loved the dream match when Michaels returned from retirement, but The Rock held a grudge. Bret Hart revealed that Michaels was the main one trying to bury The Rock in his early years due to his closeness to Triple H, and this led to The Rock not wanting to share the ring with him.

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