Things to Do Near Montreal: 9 Nearby Waterfalls Perfect for Fall Day Trips

Waterfalls in the fall. What could be better?

As the weather gets colder and the leaves start to change color, it’s the best time to fuel up the car, put on some sweat and check out one of those gorgeous waterfalls just outside. from Montreal.

Montmorency Falls Park

At 83 meters high (272.3 feet), Montmorency Falls is 30 meters taller than Niagara Falls.

Located just 15 minutes from Old Quebec, these falls are located where the St. Lawrence River stretches into a multitude of plinths and cliffs.

The falls have an electric gondola that helps you get to the top, which is a great time to take photos of the whole Montmorency area.

Address: 2490 Avenue Royale, Quebec
Distance from Montreal: 265 km
Price: Free

Sainte-Ursule Falls

At these falls, the Maskinongé River divides into seven falls. Some cascade gently while others rage through rocky cliffs, the largest of which has a drop of 30 meters. Stroll along the trails and stop at the lookout for a great view of the whole site.

Address: Sainte-Ursule falls 2575, row of Sainte-Ursule falls
Distance from Montreal: 100km
Price: $5

High Falls Gorge

Jump across the border and discover what the town of Malone calls “New York’s hidden gem.”

High Falls Gorge is a bit of a hike (literally outside of Montreal), but the site has a 35.5 meter high waterfall in the middle of a wooden path.

Have a picnic, bring a camera and enjoy the view.

Address: High Falls Gorge — 4761 NY-86, Wilmington, NY
Distance from Montreal: 167 kilometers
Price: Free

Mont Tremblant National Park

There are plenty of trails in this 150 km2 national park in Mont-Tremblant, but four waterfalls make it a day trip.

Located about an hour and a half from Montreal, there are four waterfalls worth marveling at here: Chute du-Diable, Chutes-Croches, Chute-aux-Rats and Chute-aux-Mûres.

Address: 3824 Chem. Lake Superior, Lake Superior
Distance from Montreal: 142 kilometers
Price: Free

Waterfall of Plaisance

Enjoy a fast 1 km trail to get to the 63-meter-high waterfall located in the Parc des Chutes de Plaisance. There are several viewing areas near the falls and space to picnic and soak up the beautiful fall foliage.

Address: Heritage and Waterfalls of Plaisance — 200 Chemin Malo #168, Plaisance
Distance from Montreal: 150km
Price: Free


Located just outside Quebec City, these impressively wide falls are one of the region’s most popular attractions. The falls offer a great hiking trail and access to get up close to the falls with a 113 meter long suspension bridge over the river.

Address: Rue du Parc-des-Chutes, Lévis
Distance from Montreal: 240 km
Price: Free

Canyon Sainte-Anne

The Canyon Sainte-Anne is a beautiful waterfall, but it is the Canyon de l’Air which rises 90 meters above the waterfall that is the most attractive.

The thrilling ride tops out at 50 km/h and offers beautiful views of the Beaupré region.

Prepare to take lots of pictures.

Address: 206 QC-138, Beaupre
Distance from Montreal: 298 kilometers
Price: $6.96 to $12.61, available online

Dorwin Falls

The Dorwin Falls are only 75 kilometers from Montreal. You will be rewarded with 60 foot high waterfalls, surrounded by 2.5 km of hiking trails and forests.

Address: Dorwin Falls, Rawdon
Distance from Montreal: 75 kilometers
Price: $6.96 to $12.61, available online

Waber Falls

Waber Falls is immensely popular with the IG crowd, mainly because the cascading falls look stunning in photos but not as beautiful as they are in real life.

Address: Mauricie National Park, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc
Distance from Montreal: 188 kilometers
Price: Free

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