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When I started contributing to The suburbsAbout four decades ago, I knew this newspaper had a loyal following among those who wanted community news and advertisements from local businesses.

To say that we have evolved over the past decades is an understatement and, for my part, I remain excited to be part of the ongoing transformation. My main role these days with the newspaper is a columnist, blogger and business reporter. The latter remains a favorite as I know the recipe is good for all parties. Advertising is what allows us to continually print our Wednesday editions. As for our readers, they eat this kind of material,

At this point in the article’s evolution, the many followers we have attracted The suburbs the website was a game changer. A perfect example is our new FYI digital publication. In this publication, local businesses not only receive a nice article in the attractive publication, but an online advertisement on our website. Last month, I was assigned to report on Tilos Restaurant in NDG for FYI. Within days, the story went viral on social media, attracting a whole new clientele. Macallan’s Pub in Dorval is another success. Suburban’s incredible sales team worked with them to create an incredible ad campaign consisting of a weeks-long ad campaign to help put them on the map, and a profile article that made its way to the link of most popular reading on our website.

The Greater Montreal area continues to experience a real estate boom, and new developers of condos and rental properties – not to mention potential buyers and tenants – know that our newspaper will deliver customers. Some ad campaigns include business profiles. This allows readers to get just enough additional information to help them in their decision-making process. Not to mention the extra attention and shareability they get on social media.

Ted Dranias

Ted Dranias of Petros Taverna credits the Suburban with boosting business.

At the start of the pandemic, when restaurants were only allowed to take out and deliver, Ted Dranias of Petros Taverna Group turned to The suburbs to publish its business plan. “These ads were essential for me,” he said. “It opened a door that helped keep our restaurants viable during a very difficult time. On the eve of the opening of my brand new branch in Lachine, I will turn to The suburbs Again.”

Suburban staff regularly provide marketing advice to customers. Our award-winning graphic arts team will design your ad at no additional cost. If you are a new business, advertise with The suburbs is your best option to get the word out. Small businesses can take advantage of our classifieds section, which offers very reasonable rates.

Readers look forward to our special sections focusing on different topics like real estate, homes, seniors, renovations and back to school. New opportunities continue to present themselves. The suburbs is not limited to print as they offer video services as well as sponsorship opportunities to one of our online video blogs in our Suburban On Air section of the website

We also have the most trusted readership thanks to door-to-door delivery, depository deposits, our e-publishing, and convenient app. As editor Beryl Wajsman so aptly puts it, “The suburbs is a weekly newspaper that publishes daily online. This is why so many advertisers want to be included on the pages of the newspaper and on our website as well.

I’m actually speaking from experience. The suburbs remains the best way for local businesses to get noticed.

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