The REAL story behind the horrific Google Maps killer clown photo that rocked the internet

A terrifying Google Maps find revealed an image of a creepy knife-wielding clown standing in front of a bloody door. The clown is seen standing in front of a door spattered with what looks like blood at the entrance to a basement in Montreal, Canada.

It’s not clear, however, if the clown was a prankster trying to amuse the map seekers or if the car with a panoramic camera passing through the city just stumbled upon an ongoing Halloween party. It is common for cars around the world to drive on the streets, taking scenic views for Google’s Street View feature. This first was launched in 2007 in several American cities. Since then, it has spread to various other cities and rural areas across the world.


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Image: Google Maps

2021 saw another strange discovery from Google Maps. A creepy dark mass of an island on Google Earth has made waves on social media, giving rise to several theories. The image of Vostok Island, an uninhabited coral island in the Pacific Ocean raised eyebrows after it was shared on a popular Reddit page about Unusual Google Maps finds. A number of users responded with different theories, with some speculating that it was a secret military base.

In another incident that left people horrified in 2014, police in Leith, Scotland were alerted after the maps feature appeared to capture an ongoing murder. After police followed to locate the apparent killer, they arrived at a mechanic’s auto repair shop, where they discovered that a few shop workers had staged the murder as part of a sick prank when they saw the camera car approaching.

As scary as the other incidents are, Google Maps can be pretty hilarious as well. Last year, Google Maps fans spotted a mountain with the hilarious name: Mount Clitoris. Social media is in trouble after discovering that the mountain shares its name with the part of a woman’s genitals. Travel My Globe says Mount Clitoris is a “hidden hidden gem waiting to be explored”.

Mount Clitoris is located about 270 km north of the capital Manila and is a very popular hiking spot. It was once known as Mount Mogao and rises serenely above a peaceful Barangay Cagubatan in Tadian, Mountain Province, which is also known to be home to enchanted eels.

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