The founder of Arbutus Records opens a new concert hall in Montreal

The System opened its doors on June 23

Photo: @discolexia

Posted on July 19, 2022

There’s a new place to see live music, relax and even grab a bite to eat in Montreal. Sharing a founder with Arbutus Records, Le Système took up residence on Plaza St-Hubert at the end of June.

Sebastian Cowan founded Arbutus in 2009 after spending years promoting DIY shows. Now he’s branching out into the live music industry, opening Le Système as a venue, bar and restaurant in the same building that Arbutus calls home.

Citing his vast taste in music in an interview with Cult MTL, Cowan says he would like the lineup to reflect Montreal’s eclectic scene, even on a single poster. “I might have a punk band, but I’ll also book a soft rock band and then a DJ. By having this diversity of lineup, these people pull from three very distinct scenes.”

“Your room is full, because it’s not just the same group of peers coming out, it’s three different groups of people,” he continued. “More importantly, these people are meeting now, so you have new relationships. Maybe two people who have never met fall in love, or start a band, or start some other kind of business. For me, that’s what’s really exciting and inspiring about these types of physical spaces.”

While Le Système has already started organizing events, they are still waiting to open a catering service and install an outdoor terrace. Cowan also hopes to welcome more artists under the Arbutus umbrella for shows in the near future.

Visit Le Système at 7119 rue St-Hubert.

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