Spider-Man Star’s Movie Scores 100% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Spider Man Star JK Simmons’ macabre horror film landed a rare 100% rating on rotten tomatoes.

It’s early the doors, like Glorious only premiered this week at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, but early critics to see the film found it an odd delight.

Lovecraftian horror plays too Far from home and true blood‘s Ryan Kwanten as an unlucky man in love locked in the bathroom of a remote rest stop with a mysterious figure.

Throughout the fateful night, Wes (Kwanten) is haunted by a booming, omniscient voice issuing from a glory hole in the stall, urging him to enter a world he cannot understand.


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Critics at the festival were smitten with the horror film, as it was hailed for its “manic madness” and “comic trauma”. Here is a sampling of his Rotten Tomatoes reviews:


“This one is for the sick among us, myself included, who are looking for a film about the manic macabre madness.”


“A comedic trauma steeped in celestial-colored flourishes, Glorious is a bad bathroom trip you should make time for.”

Bloody disgusting

“An excellent cast, stellar camerawork and biting splatstick sense of humor make for a startling new entry in one-place horror. There’s too much restraint in the characterization, undermining the punchline a bit, but cosmic karma is always fun.”

glorious, ryan kwanten



“Rebekah McKendry’s Glorious proudly answers a voracious call for more goop in contemporary horror through tight performances and a comedic Lovecraftian glory hole setup.

madness elements

“Weird, crude, beautifully transgressive and utterly unexpected, Glorious is imbued with a purpose that both raises complex questions while setting the landing on all it seeks to achieve.”

Sylvia Grace Crim and Ryan Kwanten in Glorious


The filmmaker responsible for this ‘ravenous’, ‘goopy’ dread-filled flick aimed at ‘sickos’ is Rebekah McKendry, who previously contributed to the anthology film Halloween Tales and the terror of Christmas All the creatures stirred.

Glorious premieres on Shudder on August 18.

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