Shortage of teachers plaguing some cegeps, according to a union

One week before the start of the school year, the CSQ fears that some CEGEPs will not be able to offer certain services and even certain courses due to a lack of staff.

The CSQ and its affiliated unions in the college network are asking Quebec to improve the working conditions of CEGEP staff in order to deal with a staff shortage that is beginning to affect establishments in the school network.

The leaders of the central labor body and its three federations representing teachers, professionals and support staff in the college sector met with the media in Montreal on Monday to express their concerns.

The attractiveness of the private and even public sector leads to a shortage of teachers, particularly in computer science, industrial electronics, nursing sciences and pharmacy.

In some colleges, several course loads are still not distributed to teachers because there are no teachers to take them on.

Additionally, union leaders point out that students emerging from the two-year pandemic with distance, hybrid or other alternative learning methods are ill-prepared to take on what they call “the student job” and require updates. upgrades which are an additional burden for Staff.

In addition, the lack of professionals, such as educational counselors or psychologists – already flagrant before the pandemic – has worsened.

It is not surprising to hear these concerns being raised as we approach the renewal of collective agreements in the education sector. The CSQ and its federations are asking the government to improve the working conditions and salaries of their members in order to create real attractiveness and retention of personnel.

— This report from The Canadian Press was first published in French on August 15, 2022.

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