Photos of 20 Top Secrets About Bourne Identity

20. “The word on Bourne was it was supposed to be a turkey,” Damon reminded to QG in 2012. “It’s very rare for a movie to come out a year late, have four sets of reshoots, and that’s fine.”

Without speaking about, The Bourne Identity was a massive hit, grossing over $214 million worldwide. But Universal never came up with the idea of ​​bringing Liman back to direct the sequel(s) he was already planning.

“I lost my baby,” he lamented New York.

He was, however, credited as an executive producer on all the rest of the Thick headed films except those of 2012 The Bourne Legacy featuring Jeremy Renner, back when Damon thought he was done with the franchise. But in the meantime, it was unclear exactly what Liman would direct next.

As fate would have it, Brad Pitt had signed on to do Mr and Mrs Smith for 20th Century Fox. After tapping on the Thick headed filming, the actor was told he could have his choice of directors, with the exception of Doug Liman.

“So he brought it to me,” said the filmmaker New York.

After that, too, was a big hit, Damon said of Liman, “He’s four for four.” And, referring to how he got into some trouble himself prior to their collaboration, the actor added, “He saved my career with Thick headed.”

In 2008, Marc Shmugersince become president of Universal Pictures, Told Variety“He has a chaotic and sometimes brilliant mind. For many people involved with Doug on Thick headed, the experience was too painful to consider repeating it. But he helped create a signature identity for Thick headed. I would work with him again on the right project.”

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