Music Biz Headlines, October 25, 2021


Snotty Nose Rez Kids doesn’t hesitate to tackle tough issues

This time it’s personal. Over the past four years, hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids have emerged as one of the most important voices speaking out on issues affecting Indigenous communities. On two Polaris Music Prize shortlisted albums, the duo of Darren “Young D” Metz and Quinton “Yung Trybez” Nyce tackled issues ranging from lack of clean water and pipe locations to racism and mental health. – Nick Krewen, Toronto Star

Toronto Symphony Orchestra resets stage with new Music Director and in-person performances

Gustavo Gimeno is making his pandemic-delayed debut as the new musical director of TSO, which begins its season on November 10 at Roy Thomson Hall. –Aruna Dutt, World

Major donations boost the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Two substantial donations from longtime supporters pushed the Calgary Philharmonic’s fundraising campaign past the $ 6 million mark. Irene and Walt DeBoni made a large donation to start a fund, New Initiatives, and Robbin Shandel’s donation will endow two chairs in the violin section. – Calgary Herald

A “must have man” helped launch the Canadian Walk of Fame

Peter Soumalias, a hot, persuasive and charismatic Greek-Canadian entrepreneur, worked with powerful partners to create the Walk of Fame, a celebration of national excellence. His tenacity and self-confidence helped propel a new Toronto-based award into one of national significance, both as a tourist attraction and as an annual television event with over one million viewers. . – Susan Ferrier MacKay, Globe and Mail

Ontario lifts capacity limits for bars and nightclubs

Ontario has announced that it will continue to reopen the live music industry, as bars will be allowed to return to full capacity starting at midnight on the morning of October 25, and nightclubs will follow on November 15. . This is the latest good news for the province’s concert industry. – Alex Hudson, Exclaim!

78 revolutions around the sun: a reading list from Joni Mitchell

Poet, painter, composer, musician and more, Joni Mitchell has inspired countless reports. Here are some of the best. Long readings

Ellen McIlwaine’s Toronto group remembers her boss’s genius

The power of an artist’s gift can be assessed by the radiance it transmits through time and space and by the character of the residue that endures in the recording. Following her sudden departure from cancer last June, Ellen McIlwaine’s music continues to throb with a unique primacy. In the performance, she was robust, playful and meditative. – Paul Corby, blogspot

The Coastal Jazz & Blues Society just announced the IronFest

The Fall Jazz Concert Series takes place November 18-20 at the Ironworks. Performers include the Bill Coon Quartet with Campbell Ryga, Krystle Dos Santos and Jodi Proznick. – Georgia Straight

Filmmaker says he wants to showcase Oscar Peterson’s brilliance, highlight his lasting impact

Barry Avrich’s new documentary on Montreal jazz legend Oscar Peterson dates back to the era of black and white television, but seeks to place the legacy of the great Canadian pianist firmly in the present. “There’s no needle in his arm, there’s no huge bouts of alcoholism. He was just an amazing musician who, as he says at the start of the movie: ‘I came play, ”the filmmaker said. – Josh Grant, Radio-Canada News

Rapper K-Riz returns to the stage, finds peace and a purpose after cheating on death

Before the car accident, he had completed work on an album called Peace & Love. While in the hospital, he realized that some of the songs no longer seemed to resonate, even the ones that touched on darker topics such as breakups, grief, forgiveness and family conflicts. –Éric Volmers, Calgary Herald

A look at Leonard Cohen’s graphic biography ‘On A Wire’

The graphic biography is “entertainment with an undercurrent of sadness and introspection”. Just like the bard himself. – Mike Donachie, Toronto Star

Jazz season is finally here with sounds across the spectrum

As musicians of all stripes struggle to find performance opportunities, three of the city’s most accomplished saxophonist conductors have cooked up some great options for jazz and blues fans. – Roger Lévesque, Edmonton Journal


WMG is worth $ 10 billion more than a year ago

Warner Music Group ended the October 21 trading day with a share price of $ 48.06, the highest point since WMG listed part of its company on NASDAQ in June 2020. The share price of WMG’s stock resulted in an enterprise value (EV) for WMG of $ 27.66. The surge in Warner’s value since the launch of Universal in Amsterdam has been something to see, with WMG’s electric vehicle growing by $ 4 billion. – MBW

UK majors take a hit

But breaking a British music star across the world is getting harder and harder. The BPI warns: “The UK’s overall share of global music revenue is declining… the UK currently accounts for around 10% of the global total, up from a peak of 17% in 2015.” Indeed , 2020 was the first year in history that a UK act failed to make the IFPI’s Top 10 Best Selling Acts in the World. – Tim Ingham, MBW

Vinyl sells so well that it becomes difficult to sell vinyl

Left for dead in the 1980s, vinyl records are now the most popular and profitable physical format in the music industry. However, their manufacture is increasingly a challenge. – New York Times

Artist Formerly Known As Kanye West Brings Scary Masks To The Masses

When a man changes his name, drastically changes his hair, and sneaks into airports with a prosthetic mask that hides his entire head, he’s usually wanted by Interpol. But as far as I know, Kanye West is not a person of interest, except perhaps for bewildered behavioral scientists. Whoops. I just called the rapper, designer, incoherent philosopher king and billionaire missionary “Kanye West”. I regret the error. His legal name is now Ye. – Vinay Menon, Toronto Star

Duran Duran’s enduring story

Next year will be 40 years since the “Rio” video, and Duran Duran is still there. Simon Le Bon: We hammered home the fact that we make better music together than individually. We did drive this nail into each other’s heads. And that’s true, by the way. “- Rob Tannenbaum, Los Angeles Times

Trent Reznor Says Halsey’s Album Production ‘Changed’ Him ‘For A Good Way’

“If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” was released this summer. – Damien Jones, NME

Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode: “Regret is a strange word. I don’t look at my life like that ‘

The frontman of Depeche Mode answers your questions, about his new cover album, taking early dance lessons from Mick Jagger and the right way to load a dishwasher. – Dave Simpson, The Guardian

Does rock’n’roll kill brain cells ?! – Billy Bragg

In Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells ?!, we ask an artist about his own career to see what he remembers – and find out if the booze, loud music, and / or tour candy has them. knocked out. -Gary Ryan, NME

Mask exemption is music to the ears of banned players

Thousands of musicians in the community can now resume rehearsals after NSW Minister of Health Brad Hazzard granted an exemption to public health orders, removing the requirement for vaccinated players and singers to wear masks during their training. – Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald

Meet 3 unsung heroes and music pioneers whose names you probably didn’t know

Music history is littered with unsung heroes who haven’t been given the proper credit. Moondog and Grady Martin, for example. – Alain Croix, Global News

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