Montreal’s Dollar cinema officially closes its doors for good

Montreal’s Dollar Cinema has become an important part of the city’s history – it first opened in Côte-Saint-Luc in 2004. Well, after a solid 18 years, the end credits of the cinema Dollar is rolling now.

The cinema sadly closes on July 31, 2022, offering Montreal moviegoers one last night to enjoy the cinema’s iconic $2.50 admission and $1.00 snacks.

“To all of our regulars, old and new moviegoers…it is with a heavy heart that Bernie lets us know that our beloved Dollar Cinema is closing July 31, 2022. All pre-purchased tickets can be used until there at the theater and we try to work with another theater to honor them for a set period of time,” Dollar Cinema share on his Facebook page on June 10.

Cinema owner Bernie Gurberg always believed that going to the movies didn’t have to be expensive, so Bernie did something about it. By its website, Gurberg opened Dollar Cinema in the spring of 2004; offering Montrealers the chance to live a cinematic experience without breaking the bank.

In 2009, Bernie took things to the next level by introducing the “intimate and cozy VIP room”, which was certainly a stellar addition to an already legendary experience.

Dollar Cinema is now selling some of its movie memorabilia including movie posters, freezers, sofas, projectors and more.

While it’s certainly a sad time, Montrealers who have frequented the Dollar Cinema quite often could pick up a few items to really hold on to the memories.

To Bernie Gurberg, thank you for everything and to Dollar Cinema…it’s over!

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