Miss Live Montreal Shows? A big event of 20 artists is played online this Thursday



We may have to ring in a new year, but we all know the pandemic is far from over. With the announcement of a second full lockdown in Montreal on the horizon, we don’t know when we’ll ever get to see a good rock show live again.

Lucky for us: This Thursday, the live rock bar L’Escogriffe brought together some twenty artists who will play a two-hour live show for free from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The announcement has been made via Facebook, where they will post the live stream (or instructions for watching the live stream elsewhere).

If you don’t know L’Escogriffe, you should: It is one of the four establishments that make up L’Axe du Mal, a huge combo of places located at the corner of rue Saint-Denis and avenue du Mont-Royal in le Plateau (and a great place to go bar crawling).

L’Escogriffe was generally a more intimate rock-focused venue with local and touring bands, so the artist selection for this upcoming show will top that off with a few surprises. Here is the list of artists:

Photography: L’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle / L’Autel 4461

Thanks to the creativity of local artists and places like this, we know we can have fun, at least in part, during the upcoming city closure and a strict curfew on our whereabouts.

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