Los Angeles invites Canadians to #StartYourComeback with diverse roster of experiences


I’m not a star quarterback like the Los Angeles Rams’ Matthew Stafford.

But leave me on the football pitch at Ram’s SoFi Stadium and I can pull a five-yard pass.

You see, my wife Kerry and I are on the SoFi Stadium Tour.

The highlight is actually walking through the player tunnel to musical adulation and cheerleaders shaking cheerleaders and onto the pitch to throw the soccer ball and run its 100 yards long.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic.


Photos by Steve MacNaull / Winnipeg Free Press

Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, SoFi is the LA Rams and LA Chargers’ new $ 5 billion home.

It is not only the largest stadium in the National Football League, but it is hailed as an architectural marvel and a global sports and entertainment destination.

The palm tree indoor-outdoor stadium resembles a spaceship, has a retractable roof, can seat 70,000 people and is awe-inspiring from the millions of strands of artificial turf on the pitch to the LED display on the roof that dazzles passengers in planes take off and land near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Therefore, SoFi simply had to become a tourist attraction in its own right, providing the touring experience on most days with no games and no concerts.

The tour also includes the simple act of admiring its vastness from the open-air lobby, discovering the Corona Beach House mega-suite, seated in the best seats in the house on the 50-meter line in the VIP 219 section and on the aforementioned land. shenanigans.

Les pom-pom girls des Los Angeles Rams Kelsie, à gauche, et Sydney, aiment leur ville et leur équipe.</p>
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<p>Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders Kelsie, left, and Sydney, love their city and their team.</p>
<p>Kerry and I were drawn to LA in all its Southern California glory by the City of Angels’ #StartYourComeback campaign urging Canadians to return or visit for the first time, as COVID travel restrictions relax.			</p>
<p>The base for our long weekend in LA Comeback is the newly renovated and reopened, five-star, 400-room Fairmont Century Plaza located on aptly named Avenue of the Stars next to Fox Studios.			</p>
<p>We’re kicking off the weekend in the curving wonder of a mid-century hotel by hosting LA Confidential Magazine Party on the chic 17-story rooftop pool deck.			</p>
<p>There are glasses of champagne, people watching and sights of the metropolis that light up for the night.			</p>
<p>The Fairmont Century Plaza is also home to the modern American brasserie Lumiere, where we dined on bar and California chardonnay, and the sumptuous Fairmont Spa, where we indulged in a one-hour “Ensemble” massage.			</p>
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Jae C. Hong / The Associated Press</p>
<p>Fans packed SoFi Stadium for an NFL football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Chicago Bears on September 12 in Inglewood, Calif. </p>
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<p>Jae C. Hong / The Associated Press</p>
<p>Fans packed SoFi Stadium for an NFL football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Chicago Bears on September 12 in Inglewood, Calif. </p>
<p>Rooftop bars would become the theme of our return to LA.			</p>
<p>We reward ourselves with more sparkling wine after a bike ride on The Strand at High, the seventh-floor rooftop of the Erwin Hotel in eccentric Venice Beach.			</p>
<p>The view is the entire Pacific Ocean, the great beach, palm trees, the sprawl of LA, and a diverse rooftop crowd of surfers sipping craft beer to dressed couples on dates.			</p>
<p>The Strand is the 30-kilometer cycle path along the Pacific Ocean from Torrance to Pacific Palisades.			</p>
<p>We peddle the bustling section of the tacky yet mesmerizing carnival atmosphere from the Venice Beach boardwalk to the Ferris wheel and roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier and back.			</p>
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Faites du vélo sur Venice Beach le long de The Strand, la piste cyclable de 30 kilomètres qui longe l'océan Pacifique.</p>
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<p>Cycle through Venice Beach along The Strand, the 30-kilometer cycle path that runs along the Pacific Ocean.</p>
<p>It provides the quintessential LA vibe we’ve been looking for – famous landmarks, sand, sun, palm trees and more people watching from two wheels.			</p>
<p>On our last day in LA, we head downtown for a bit of culture at the Broad Museum, with its Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein art exhibits, and listen to the Los Angeles Philharmonic play Mahler’s classics at the Walt. Disney Concert Hall.			</p>
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Then it’s a dinner of seared shrimp and riesling at Spire 73, the tallest open-air restaurant and bar in the Western Hemisphere perched on the rooftop of the 73rd floor of the InterContinental hotel.

The hip scene and the sight of the sun setting over the Pacific bathed in a pink-orange glow crowns a perfect long #StartYourComeback weekend in the City of Angels.

Air Canada is facilitating flights to Los Angeles with increased frequency from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and non-stop flights from Calgary starting in January.

Visit DiscoverLosAngeles.com, FairmontCenturyPlaza.com and AirCanada.ca.

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