Leafs and Rangers top list of most valuable franchises

The average NHL team is now worth north of a billion dollars, according to Sportico’s latest franchise valuations. (Getty)

Sportico released its annual NHL franchise ratings on Tuesday, and a familiar team has once again come out on top.

For the second year in a row, the Maple Leafs, worth a colossal $2.12 billion, are most valuable team in the league – a six per cent year-on-year increase – according to Sportico.

Toronto won $110 million ahead of the New York Rangers, who are worth just over $2 billion and a 7% increase from 2021-22. The Montreal Canadiens, worth $1.7 billion (an increase of eight percent), the Chicago Blackhawks ($1.44 billion, up eight percent) and the Boston Bruins ( $1.41 billion, up eight percent) rounded out the league’s top five – which remained the same as last year.

Unsurprisingly, the entire top-five group is made up of Original Six teams, including big Canadian clubs Toronto and Montreal. The last of the O6 franchises, the Detroit Red Wings, ranked 10th with a valuation of $1.12 billion, a 9% increase from last season.

Here’s how the other Canadian teams ranked: Edmonton Oilers (eighth overall – $1.29B), Vancouver Canucks (11th overall – $1B), Calgary Flames (19th overall – $870M), Winnipeg Jets (22nd overall – $805M) and Ottawa Senators (27th overall – $655M). The latter is particularly interesting, because the Sens – who would have simply retained a bank to study the possibility of a sale – had by far the strongest year-over-year growth of any franchise in the league, increasing their value by 21% in the last 365 days.

The biggest variation we see from team to team is at the very bottom of the list, the 31st-ranked Florida Panthers, worth $130 million more than the Arizona Coyotes, ranked last.

The NHL, despite its meteoric growth, still ranks fourth among the “Big 4” of North American professional sports leagues, with the NFL, NBA and MLB all ranking higher in terms of revenue and value.

(via Sportico.com)

(via Sportico.com)

According to Sporticoeach team’s earnings are calculated “based on publicly available financial information and records, as well as interviews with people familiar with the team’s finances, including nine sports bankers and lawyers who are actively working on NHL trades”.

The sports business outlet added that NHL teams are valued on average at just over 5 times earnings. For comparison, NFL franchises are valued at 7.6x, while NBA and MLB teams are valued at 8.4x and 7.4x, respectively.

Here’s how the entire 2022-23 roster breaks down from top to bottom:

1. Maple Leaves ($2.12 billion)

2. Rangers ($2.01 billion)

3. Canadians ($1.7B)

4. Blackhawks ($1.44 billion)

5. Bruins ($1.41 billion)

6. Kings ($1.39 billion)

7. Flyers ($1.35B)

8. Oil Tankers ($1.29 billion)

9. Capitals ($1.22 billion)

10. Red Wings ($1.12 billion)

11. Canucks ($1 billion)

12. Golden Knights ($975 million)

13. Islanders ($920M)

14. Stars ($915M)

15. Lightning ($910 million)

16. Penguins ($900 million)

17. Kraken ($890 million)

18. Avalanche ($875M)

19. Flames ($870M)

20. Savage ($850 million)

21. Devils ($825 million)

22. Jets ($805M)

23. Predators ($775M)

24. Blues ($770M)

25. Ducks ($765M)

26. Sharks ($755 million)

27. Senators ($655M)

28. Sabers ($635M)

29. Hurricanes ($615M)

30. Blue Jackets ($600 million)

31. Panthers ($595 million)

32. Coyotes ($465M)

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