“It was the best experience I could have”


Rachel Bilson has expressed her love for some of the roles she has had in the past. She admired her character on CO for his fearlessness. When talking about a favorite movie she’s made, the actor chooses one that might surprise people.

The last kiss was Bilson’s first big movie role, and she was able to land more concerts afterwards. The actor once explained why she had fond memories of the film.

Rachel Bilson’s career in film and television

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Bilson’s career began in college with appearances in several commercials for companies like Subway. One of her first roles on a TV show was a small role in an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. In 2003 she got her big breakthrough in the film The last kiss.

Some people might remember Bilson for his time on CO. At first, she had the guest role of Summer Roberts. The writers had only given her a few lines in the first episode, but the star put a lot of effort into her performance. As a result, Bilson has become a regular on the series.

Bilson appeared in several episodes of how I Met Your Mother. In 2018, the actor landed a leading role in the series Take two. She played Sam Swift for 13 episodes. Fans may recognize her in a few other movies she has starred in, such as The task list.

Earlier this year, Bilson started a podcast with his former CO co-starring Melinda Clarke. The two talk about their time on set. Fans can hear new stories about their experiences on the show.

‘The Last Kiss’ gave Rachel Bilson a great experience

The last kiss is a 2006 romantic comedy-drama. The film is about a guy named Michael who lives with his pregnant girlfriend, Jenna. The two seem like the perfect couple on the outside, but Michael is reluctant to tie the knot. Bilson played Kim, who is trying to have a relationship with Michael.

Bilson almost didn’t get the part since she refused to appear nude. She managed to get the gig and avoided undressing. The film received positive reviews and it became one of Bilson’s favorites. The star explained her thoughts on The last kiss in an InStyle video.

“This might be my favorite movie I have ever made, even though it was the first movie I ever made. It was my first movie, and we shot it in Montreal, Canada. , over the summer, and we had so much fun together, “said Bilson.” It just gave me permission to really go out there and do whatever I wanted to do. It was the best experience I have ever had. could have had, especially for my first film.

Rachel Bilson is a close friend of Zach Braff

The main star in The last kiss was Zach Braff, and Bilson mentioned that he and she remained good friends. Bilson is featured on Instagram and regularly interacts with other celebrities. One of the people she likes to play with is Braff.

According to ET Canada, Braff posted a picture of himself with an owl standing on his arm. He wrote that the bird showed up at random. Bilson got smart with him and playfully wrote that the glove must have appeared as well. He replied that he tended to keep an owl glove “just in case”.

The Instagram photo was at a time when Braff was filming a project. So, he got the opportunity to pose with a professionally trained owl. Her interaction with Bilson shows the kind of dynamics of their friendship.

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