I never wanna leave Peter Quill’s room


Please note that there are minor spoilers ahead for the new one. guardians of the galaxy video game below. Please also note that the official name of the game is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy which is obviously ridiculous and will not be repeated. Who else would the Guardians belong to?

New guardians of the galaxy video game is, in all respects, very good.

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It’s apparently well written, bursting with healthy charm. It’s a dedicated single-player game with a robust campaign, an antidote to the disappointing game-as-a-service offering of the ridiculously named previous game from Eidos Montreal, Marvel Avengers. He is said to have a fun combat system, allowing you to directly control Peter Quill (aka Star Lord) as he turns around with his jet boots, wielding his dual Quad Blasters. The rest of your team, the lovable miscreants Rocket Racoon, Groot, Drax, and Gamora, can be tasked with performing dazzling special moves or helping you solve environmental puzzles. The next-gen graphics are gorgeous, with a quality mode that runs at 4k / 30 / FPS and a performance mode for 1440p / 60FPS. Much like the films, the soundtrack features a selection of nostalgic radio hits. I’ve even heard that there is a dedicated “caucus” mechanism that gives the team a boost in the form of an inspired speech.

Sadly, I will never experience all of this because as someone who grew up in the 1980s, you cannot make me leave the childhood room of Peter Quill, which was introduced in the very first scene of the game. me to explain.


Image via Square Enix

After a brief cinematic introduction of the Quill family home in a beautifully rendered rural setting, guardians of the galaxy puts you, the player, in the first-person perspective of teenage Peter Quill, as he sits on the bed in his basement bedroom. He holds in his hands the unfolded lyrics sheet of a cassette which he listens to – on his walkman, of course – by the fictional 80s hard rock band “Star-Lord” (the original idea of ​​the main audio director from Eidos Montreal, Steve Szczepkowski). The album is called Space rider, and the first song, “Zero to Hero” plays (you can listen to it and the rest of the album here, or do yourself a favor and watch the amazing music video).

You can actually sit back and listen to the entire album, browse the lyrics sheet, and flip it over in your hands. If you wish, you can also obtain a copy of Rolling stone magazine that sits next to Peter and read the feature article on “Star-Lord” from start to finish. Once you’re done, you can get out of bed and start exploring Peter’s amazing bedroom, in the third person, for as long as you want. This is exactly what I did, and I continued and will continue to do, until I have to stop.

Notice that it is a brand new video game for which I paid full retail price. Am I excited for the exciting adventure that awaits me? Yes. Am I captivated by the prospect of seeing how much this adaptation is going to play against my expectations of what a GOTG game should be? Yes. Am I curious how this development team will handle the characterization of some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most beloved antiheroes? Yes. Will I allow the game to advance beyond this lovingly detailed tribute to what it was like to be a kid in the 1980s? No, I won’t.


Image via Square Enix

You see, thanks to YouTube, I know that opening the door to Peter’s bedroom will end this intro sequence and start the actual game. It cannot happen. Peter Quill’s childhood bedroom is a magical time machine that instantly takes me back to my teenage days in the ’80s.

It not only makes me incredibly nostalgic for the things I actually had, but acts like wish fulfillment for the things I wanted. Like Peter, I too have spent countless hours in my bedroom, parked eternally on the bed or on the floor, rocking music from a tape in my walkman or stereo as a constant companion. But I didn’t have the kind of sprawling, totally awesome basement playroom that Peter has, the kind that to me only existed in the movies. Words fail to express the sheer joy I get from the woodwork, striped shelves, and exposed pipes and wires. What I, 13, wouldn’t have given so that I could relax on the in-game fabric sofa, basking in the late-afternoon light streaming in through the hopper windows, as I flipped through the Monster Manual. And don’t get me started on the sight of this completely rad Gibson Flying V guitar (it’s interactive too, though barely – it hasn’t. The Last of Us 2the rugged guitar mechanics of), the original Transfomer toys, the bean bag chair and, most importantly, the Samantha Fox poster. Peter even has TWO desks for screaming out loud.

Among the many items in Peter’s beautiful bedroom, there are some that I had too – the Garbage Pail Kids collection, the six-sided dice set, a copy of the beloved Deathtrap Dungeon playbook, the iron maiden seminal Peace of mind album, the Coleco Vision (although mine is an Atari 2600), the skateboard, the Nintendo Power magazine and the unfinished Rubik’s Cube, all rendered here in pixel-perfect detail. Seeing these objects makes me happy, but also melancholy… so much meaning attributed to these signifiers of my youth and of the collective youth of that time. And where are they now? Casually discarded, put aside for the benefit of the new one, only to be repackaged and sold over and over again. But here, in this perfect time capsule, all of these things exist together, just waiting to be revisited with the push of a button.


Image via Square Enix

So maybe you are the type of person who enjoys playing the games they pay for. Maybe if you bought a game called guardians of the galaxy, you would like to experience all that is contained in the promise of this title. I am not here to tell you how to spend your time. I’m just here to say that all my guardians of the galaxy the play time was spent in Peter Quill’s childhood bedroom and I have no regrets.

Now, if you don’t mind, I have to give the “Star-Lord” album another twist.

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