Howe’s digital assets to be auctioned off to benefit hockey legend foundation



More than five years after his death, we’ll never know what “Mr. Hockey” would think of Howe’s latest collectibles to be auctioned around the 75th anniversary of his NHL debut, played for the Reds. Wings of Detroit on October 16, 1946.

For six days starting Friday, nine original non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be auctioned off on the Blockparty digital collectibles platform. All proceeds will go to the Howe Foundation, the charitable enterprise started in 1994 by Howe and his late wife, Colleen, to benefit children in sport and women working in sport.

NFTs are defined as unique digital and collectible assets representing a moment or item that can be bought, sold or traded electronically through a decentralized marketplace.

Old-school Gordie Howe surely would have been bemused that he couldn’t put his pen to any of the items in “The Gentl9man 2021 NFT Art Collection,” a celebration of his accomplishments and legacy.

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“When we first got the GPS for the car, Gordie was like, ‘How does she know all the directions? »», Joked Marty howe, one of Gordie’s four children. “I was telling him how she gets the information, and he was still amazed.”

In existence for over a quarter of a century, the Howe Foundation has helped a large community with numerous scholarships and grants. Since Mr. Hockey passed away on June 10, 2016, he’s been a little off the radar, something his grandson, Travis Howe, is working to change by starting with an auction suited to this digital age.

The son of the Hockey Hall of Fame defenseman Marc Howe, Travis has endured his fair share of career and health challenges over the past 18 months. As he changed his life path with his wife, Kristine, and their three daughters aged 3-8, he devoted his energies to blockchain and NFT technologies and now uses that passion to bring the Howe Foundation back to life. more dynamic.

Left to right, Marty, Mark and Gordie Howe at the 2011 Mark’s Hockey Hall of Fame Induction.

The Howe family – children Mark, Marty, Murray and Cathy, with Travis the effort quarterback – worked with Detroit-based creative artist Zelley, supported by Craig Daitch of Telemetry Public Relations, to host an event NFT which is very different from normal. NHL Collectibles Auction.

“What was extremely important to our family was not to produce standard hockey cards,” said Travis Howe. “There is nothing wrong with them, but we will leave them to the card companies.

“The goal of this project, as I see it, is for it to be successful on its own and generate sales to benefit the Howe Foundation, but also to simply bring the Foundation back into the public eye.

Three different NFT categories in this auction are capped off by the ultra-rare list of three items, only one of each hit:

Gordie and Colleen Howe, who established the Howe Foundation in 1994 to benefit children in sport and women working in sport.

“At Heart” is an NFT juxtaposing Gordie Howe coming out of the ice and kneeling with a youngster; “Gordie prisoner of war!” is a comic-inspired depiction of Mr. Hockey using a legendary elbow; and “1,071 pucks” is an image of Howe created with 1,071 hand-drawn pucks, representing the number of regular season and playoff goals he has scored during his NHL and WHA career.

Each of these three lists comes with exclusive keepsakes from the Howe Family Collection: a sketch drawn and signed by Gordie Howe, a pair of Howe elbow pads used in the game, a signed Northland stick and a signed Red Wings puck.

A Rare roster will consist of three NFTs, nine hits each, with a limited roster featuring three more, 50 hits each.

A 10th NFT titled “The Beginning,” showing Howe lacing a skate for the first time, will be presented to the NHL Alumni Association.

For the Howe family, the greatest strength of the project is its ability to tell stories, special moments in Mr. Hockey’s life brought back to digital life, some of them animated.

The NFT “1071 Pucks” and Travis Howe with a framed Gordie Howe rookie card, standing in front of two jerseys worn by his father, Mark.

“The Foundation has always been important to the family,” said Travis Howe. “Now that both of my grandparents have passed, it was important for the family to honor their legacy and keep the Foundation relevant.

“I have traveled with my grandfather over the years for souvenir dedications, and the thrill of them was seeing him interact with people. I don’t think the family has ever been proactively involved in one. storytelling project Due to NFT technology, through this project we are able to come up with 10 different stories that are meaningful to us, where the artist could tell a story with the art itself.

“With this project we can enjoy sporting moments that tell a part of our family history, how special Gordie was to us off the rink. face up. “

• The Gentl9man 2021 NFT Art Collection Auction, which runs October 22-27, is online here:

• Learn more about the Howe Foundation:

Photos: Kristine Howe; Getty Images; Hockey Hall of Fame


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