How Scream 6 Leaving Woodsboro Sets Up An Original Character’s Return

Scream 6 leaving Woodsboro and changing locations is the perfect way to establish the proper return of a favorite original Scream character.

The change of location Cry 6 Leaving Woodboro allows a favorite legacy character from the series to resurface over 25 years since his last appearance. The franchise began in 1996 with Wes Craven’s Scream, which starred duo killers Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) and Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard). The two killers started what is now a universally recognized franchise with their gruesome horror movie-inspired killing spree. The Scream franchise still thrives today, with the newest Scream 2022reaching incredible heights at the box office.

Cry 6 received the green light only three weeks after Scream 2022 release due to the latter’s impressive reception to critics and audiences alike. A little after, Cry 6 announced its cast of returning characters, with Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) set to reprise their roles with several Scream 2022 cast members; however, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) remains unconfirmed. Along with these casting announcements came news that Cry 6 will be filmed in Montreal, Canada, marking Cry 6 as the first in the franchise filmed outside of the United States, a change that perfectly sets up a legacy character return.


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Audiences have long wanted Stu Macher back, and many believed the villain would finally reappear in the latest Scream film. Although they were disappointed, there may be a very logical reason for Stu’s absence from Scream 2022. Stu is part of Woodsboro’s legacy, both because he’s a townsman, but also because he’s one of Ghostface’s original killers. However, Stu wouldn’t be able to exact revenge on Sidney and the others in Woodsboro, because part of what makes the killers of Scream so effective is their ability to remove the costume and blend in, which he can no longer do with his infamy. Examples of how the events of the first Scream The film shook the city is everywhere, from the memorial in the house of period-obsessed Randy Meeks, to the ashes of Tatum Riley in the Dewey (David Arquette) trailer. It’s clear the city hasn’t forgotten the events of the original killing spree. Stu would be instantly recognized by the people of Woodsboro and also by fans of the universe Stab movies, making it incredibly difficult to get very far with its killing spree.

Matthew Lillard as Stu in Scream

There are many things in the known Scream canon that suggest Stu is alive, like him almost returning to the role in Cry 3. Stu has been on the sidelines for years, waiting for his chance to strike since 1996. If Stu had survived, he would have had to either spend time recovering from his injuries or serve time in prison. Even if Stu stood out, his recognizable face would instantly make him a suspect. Cry 6 change of location is the perfect opportunity to bring Matthew Lillard’s Stu into the world of Scream once again, wiser, fitter and more experienced, ready to take on Sidney Prescott one last time in a place where he can truly reinvent himself.

Change of location for Cry 6 doesn’t just make sense for the franchise, which is always reinventing itself, but also for the characters on the show who suffered so much trauma in Woodsboro. In Scream 2022, Gale Weathers returned to Woodsboro primarily to make sure Dewey was safe, while Sidney only returned because she wanted to end the party for Dewey’s sake and the safety of her children. Now that Dewey is dead, neither has a logical reason to return. This also applies to Kirby Reed, whose return to Cry 6 comes after narrowly surviving his ordeal in Beloved Scream 4. This also applies to survivors of Scream 2022, who have shown themselves to be self-aware horror survivors who will more than likely leave Woodsboro once healed. Stu’s only chance for revenge in the next Cry 6 is to somehow attract the cast of the Scream franchise in an unknown area where he would not be recognized – something impossible in Woodsboro – to finally end the overall story of the Scream franchise.

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