Horror movies leaving Netflix this summer include ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘Halloween’

A new month is on the horizon, which means another batch of movies and TV shows are coming. netflix as well as a batch of movies and TV shows leaving the streaming service.

On the horror side, Netflix’s new releases for August 2022 to understand Constantine (2005) and All-New Original Film Day shiftbut what horrors are leaving in the weeks to come?

Bloody Disgusting learned that We invoke the darkness (2020) leaves Netflix on August 7, followed by Demonic (2015) leaving Netflix on August 9.

In addition, Conspiracy leaves on August 20, while the original freddie and the lackluster 2010 remake of the film leaves Netflix on August 31.

Freddy Krueger isn’t the only horror icon to say goodbye to Netflix this summer, like the 2007 remake of Rob Zombie Halloween will also be leaving Netflix on August 31.

The good news for Freddy fans is that Freddy versus Jason isn’t going anywhere, and Netflix also continues to stream Jason’s return to ’09 Friday 13 remake. Even with this latest batch of losses to come, Netflix remains a hot spot for slasher icons, with several Chainsaw Massacre movies available to stream, including this year’s brand new legacy sequel.

Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” (2007)

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