Hélène Boudreau shared juicy and surprising details about her new relationship

Hélène Boudreau took to Instagram last week for a juicy Q&A revealing to her nearly 275,000 followers that she’s in a committed relationship. Boudreau is dating fellow adult film star Jessy Jones. However, when asked how long the duo had been together, even Hélène couldn’t give an exact date.

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Despite the blurry timeline, the OnlyFans mogul hilariously shared how the two met and it turns out it all started in Boudreau’s DM in 2020. “He sent me a direct message on Instagram in 2020. I never answered until 2022,” she said with a laugh. “Jessy saw my UQAM photo and wanted to collaborate.”

Just minutes after meeting, Hélène said she and Jessy couldn’t stop laughing and made such a great connection. Boudreau said her last relationship was more than five years ago, so she’s used to being alone. So, while Jones currently lives in Los Angeles, distance doesn’t seem to be an issue.

“A month apart is okay. I miss him, which is normal, but I’m not jealous,” Boudreau said. “When someone is there for you and you’re happy for each other, it’s hard to be jealous. In a toxic relationship, it’s totally different.”

Considering both Hélène and Jessy work in the adult entertainment industry, a fan asked if the two are open and how Boudreau feels about him having sex with other women on camera.

“We’re closed in real life, but we’re open when it comes to employment,” she said. As for Jessy who plays with other stars, Héléne doesn’t care a bit, in fact, she finds it exciting. “I don’t mind. I find it sexy. I watch his movies and go ‘wow,'” Boudreau shared.

While the two are at a distance at the moment, Hélène clarified that Jessy will soon be moving to Montreal while Boudreau will finish his schooling at UQAM.

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