Film review: Aline gently pokes fun at Celine Dion’s superstar

‘Freely Inspired Fiction’ Is To The Singer What Galaxy Quest Was To Star Trek

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Trying to make me understand the weirdness that is A lineI typed “reverential comedy” on Google and I got Galactic Quest. Not a bad comparison. This Turn-of-the-Century Film Delighted in All the Attributes of the Original star trek — inflated egos among some cast members, occasional sexism, nerdy fans — but he did it without belittling the franchise or offending its base.

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A line East Galactic Quest for Celine Dion fans. French filmmaker and singer Valérie Lamercier directs and casts herself as the lead in this “freely inspired fiction,” not so loosely based on the life of the famous Quebec singer. It’s so intertwined, in fact, that someone in the movie refers to Aline Dieu as “Céline” and has to be corrected by her mother (Danielle Fichaud).

The action begins in 1932, with an introduction to the sprawling God family – Dion was the youngest of 14 children, and LeMercier had a lot of fun with it, all the boys’ names starting with Jean-, and the girls’ names ending by – ette. She also makes a weird appeal playing Aline at all ages, shrinking numerically to child size and gradually aging as the story progresses. You know better than to walk in, because it’s a bit confusing, and you might otherwise wonder if they’ve found any tiny look-alike actors.

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The beats of Dion’s life are all there, including his romance with his much older manager (Sylvain Marcel), which the film strives to paint as Aline’s idea. We see her reinventing herself – braces, English lessons, dance lessons, a vocal cord injury that threatened to sideline her career – as she was on her way to stardom.

Lemercier isn’t Aline, and Aline isn’t Dion, even though all three have terrific stage presence, lots of fabulous costume changes, and a chest-slapping move while singing that I thought sounded like a little to a Klingon salute. This clearly puts me more in the Galactic Quest camp, but if you love Céline as I love star trek, you will love Aline just as much. Sing long and prosper.

Aline is now playing in theaters across Canada.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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