CNN and Forbes recommend Israel as top tourist destination this summer

Two major American media are recommending Israel as a popular destination for tourists this summer.

CNN included the Jewish State in its list of the top 11 travel spots to visit this season, while Forbes devoted an entire article to Tel Aviv’s 10 hottest spots for summer 2022.

CNN described the country as holy ground for many world religions and highlighted Tel Aviv as a melting pot of immigrants from dozens of countries.

The article mentions that Israel offers many fascinating attractions, including “the resort of Eilat, on the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the mountain fortress of Masada, the bastion of the Jews in their war against the Romans”.

“Other must-sees in this small country, about the same size as the state of New Jersey, are the holy city of Jerusalem; Tel Aviv, a bustling and cosmopolitan Mediterranean city; and the Sea of ​​Galilee, the site of the New Testament Biblical Story of Jesus Walking on Water,” the US Network suggested.

The article also recommended local Israeli cuisine, famous for “hearty breakfasts featuring everything from vegetable salads, hummus, cheeses and fish to eggs, breads and pastries.”

Besides Israel, CNN’s list included Australia, Singapore, Greece, France, Britain, Panama, the Great Lakes, Disney World, New York and Montreal.

Meanwhile, the Forbes article emphatically stated that few cities can compete with Tel Aviv as a summer travel destination.

“Given the sheer volume of different experiences on offer, you won’t doubt why this vibrant, cosmopolitan Mediterranean city is so often called the ‘cultural capital’ of Israel,” it reads.

The magazine included bars, restaurants and attractions in its list of the top 10 places for tourists to explore in the city. Among them is HaMesila Park, or Railway Park, which follows a disused Ottoman-era railway line, and Levinsky Market in the ultra-cool Florentine district.

Three of the recommended restaurants that appear on the list are located in new hotels, including Alena at Norman, George & John at Drisco, The Common at David Kempinski, as well as the recently opened Soho House Tel Aviv Jaffa.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism celebrated the two articles published this week, as well as the growing number of tourists visiting the country in recent months. Both are seen as a blessing, after two years of heavy restrictions that have plagued the tourism industry during the COVID pandemic.

“The number of incoming tourists in April exceeded half of the number of tourists arriving in April 2019 – which was a record year. The Ministry of Tourism will continue to present Israel as an attractive destination for tourists, remove barriers, improve the tourist experience, and the fall in the price of holidays in the country,” said a statement from the Ministry of Tourism on Thursday.

Tourism Minister Yoel Rozbozov added that “there is great optimism and a smile has returned to the face of the tourism industry.”

“This year, we have worked hard to overcome the crisis and restore the industry to its source of income. I am happy that our efforts are being noticed around the world. The Ministry of Tourism will continue to invest in tourism in Israel and will bring billions of shekels into the country,” the minister added.

This article originally appeared on ALL ISRAEL NEWS and is republished with permission.

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