Canada is waiting for Canadians to visit

Travel experts generally agree that a large part of Canadians’ travel plans this summer will be geared towards trips within our own country. The desire to be close to Canada’s healthcare system and worries about being forced to quarantine in a foreign country influence decisions about how far and wide they might be willing to explore this year.

Although a dramatic decrease in Covid infections may alter perceptions of travel, it is likely that east-west thinking, planning in Canada will always prevail.

In addition to Manitoba, I’ve been fortunate to have spent time in every province except Prince Edward Island and Nunavut, both of which are on my to-do list. I believe I may be able to fulfill the dream of Newfoundland this spring.

There is something to be surprised about in every province. Today I’ve listed one or two highlights from each, to help motivate readers to finalize their ‘see Canada’? routes.

In British Columbia, one of my favorite cities is Victoria. If you can’t relax in Victoria, maybe you can’t relax anywhere.

Framed by the Parliament Buildings and the historic Empress Hotel, its harbor draws thousands of people every summer day.

The nearby Royal BC Museum should not be missed.

Once considered a place where people went to retire, downtown Victoria is now a vibrant center with a wide variety of trendy restaurants and fun experiences.

While the entire province of Alberta has a lot to offer, its two major cities have proven to be excellent urban centers to visit with the family.

In Calgary, one day may not be enough to satisfy kids or their parents at Heritage Park. Whether it’s a ride on an old train or a complete step back in time through a historic village, plus a few hours on their thrill rides, this attraction is unique and thrilling.

The West Edmonton Mall still dominates visitors to this city, but the Telus World of Science demonstrates how learning and entertainment can go hand in hand.

Influenced by Saskatchewan’s main university, Saskatoon has become a bustling place with a youthful spirit and all the bars and restaurants that usually follow the big educational establishments.

Many of Saskatoon’s attractions are located along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, which provides an extra level of beauty for visitors.

One example is the new Remai Modern Public Art Museum, which exhibits over 8,000 pieces by Canadian and international artists.

North of Saskatoon, Prince Albert National Park is a place of beauty for those who want to spend time by beautiful lakes in hands-on wilderness.

In Ontario, while Niagara Falls is an overwhelming display of nature’s power, I constantly found myself returning to the quaint community of Niagara on the Lake. Not much of a small town anymore, it has retained that feeling with an absence of large, developed downtown buildings and a walking experience through Ontario’s rural development history.

While one of my favorite cities will always be the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, it is Quebec City that best defines the history of this province and of Canada. Although the battle on the Plains of Abraham may have affected the direction the country would later take, this World Heritage city overlooking the St. Lawrence River is one of the most consumer-satisfied cruise ports in the world.

Walk the hills and alleyways of Canada’s oldest streets and you’ll come away with an even greater appreciation for the nation we call home.

Scientists, scholars and curious observers from around the world come to New Brunswick just to marvel at the rise and fall of the Fundy tides. Many travel to Moncton to try to figure out how you’re going up when you think you’re going down the magnetic hill.

The Cabot Trail leads people out of the beautiful city of Halifax to the magnificent views of Cape Columbia Island and a way of life that is a mix of old and new. A fiddler’s paradise, it’s not hard to find a place to listen to some of the best in the world.

During the Fortress of Louisbourg offers several interactive experiences to bring visitors back to this time period in a truly sensory way.

Although its Cabot Cliffs golf course may be one of the most spectacular and challenging in the country, it is Prince Edward Island that has managed to position itself as a premier golf destination. in Canada. Its golf courses are also spectacular and although they lack in number they certainly do not lack in quality.

While there is an endless stream of international visitors to Lucy Maude Montgomery’s home to relive the inspirations that led her to write her Anne of Green Gables chronicles…for Canadians, they are the founding fathers of Confederation that still give substance to the meetings and agreements that formed the beginning of our proud nation.

Add the fact that you can enjoy some of the best seafood meals in the world here and it should be a must visit for all Canadians.

Ron Pradinuk

Ron Pradinuk
travel writer

A writer and podcaster, Ron’s travel column appears in the Winnipeg Free Press every Saturday in the Destinations and Diversions section.

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