Best city in the world: Edinburgh tops the rankings, according to the Time Out survey; Check where Indian cities rank

Each year, Time Out surveys thousands of people around the world to find the best cities to visit. This year, Edinburgh tops the list of the best cities in the world, followed by Chicago, Medellín, Glasgow and Amsterdam. Mumbai was ranked 14th for its nightlife and community spirit after Melbourne. New York is in 20th position. According to the magazine, the list centered on what makes these cities great places to visit, including eating and drinking, nightlife, art, culture and museums, and partial living.

While some of the most important factors taken into account to assess the quality of life in cities over the past two years were resilience and community spirit, in 2022 the magazine said it had added a new dimension to the list by focusing on the things that make these places great. to live. These include vibrant nightlife, good food and drink, art and culture. They also highlighted convenient locations with good public transport, walking, and sustainability.

Here are the top five cities and why they were selected.

Edinburgh, Scotland

This 1. ranked European city has a lot to offer, and it’s no surprise that it was chosen as the best. Its beautiful views and history are some of the reasons it was rated as the best. There are also many independent stores spread throughout the city offering unique products that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It is also one of the best walkable cities.

Edinburgh is known for its progressive attitude and welcoming environment. According to the survey, 88% of residents believe that speaking out in the city is effortless.

Chicago, United States

Chicago is still considered a great place to live, even with its high crime rate. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to visit this city. One of the biggest reasons people choose to visit Chicago is for its food, from deep-dish pizza to hot dogs. There are so many great restaurants, eateries, and family bars that you’ll want to stop in for a quick bite. The city is also known for its artistic culture and vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re in a restaurant or a nightclub, Chicago has something for everyone.

Medellin, Colombia

The Colombian city offers a variety of affordable accommodations and vibrant nightlife. The weather is also ideal, with average highs of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. During the evening, there are plenty of bars and restaurants that cater to locals and tourists. “It tops the charts for its dining (97%) and nightlife and party (90%) scenes, as well as its community spirit (94%),” says Will Gleason, editor-in-chief, Time Out New York.

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland’s second largest city, is known for its friendly locals and abundance of free things to do. There are a variety of free things to do in this area, such as museums, gardens, and parks. The Glasgow Symphony Orchestra and Glasgow Botanic Gardens are also among the free attractions that visitors can enjoy. The city’s music scene is also very good, with various walking tours taking place throughout the year.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

People who took part in the Time Out survey named Amsterdam the easiest place in the world to speak out, and it was also voted as one of the most progressive cities. Apart from its cultural attractions, the city’s nightlife is also very popular. It has a variety of nightclubs and bars that cater to locals and tourists. The city’s early closing time is also popular with revelers. The city has over 160 cafes to enjoy.

The other cities on the list are Prague, Marrakech, Berlin, Montreal, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Madrid, Manchester, Mumbai, Melbourne, Taipei, London, Porto, Lyon and New York, all listed in that order.

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