Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC showed Gotham Knights’ potential

Batgirl has always been an influential character in the Batman mythos, but her Batman: Arkham Knight, Family Affair The DLC proved just how effective the Bat Family can be in Knights of Gotham. Batman: The Knight of Arkham featured multiple DLC focused on Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin, mirrored Knights of Gotham ‘ list perfectly. Each character has benefited from a dedicated storyline reflecting their goals, personality, and enemies with these independent (but brief) additional pieces of content. As a result, Knights of Gotham has the opportunity to develop their stories and present players with an enjoyable experience without Batman as the focal point of the game.


Knights of Gotham takes place after Batman’s (supposed) death, leaving Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin to protect Gotham City in its wake. Faced with powerful enemies emboldened by Batman’s disappearance, each vigilante must use their training to defend their home. Unlike other DC games set in Gotham City, players won’t have the option to play as Batman, with WB Games Montreal focusing on other members of the Bat Family. While some may see this tactic as a risk, it does give other DC characters times to shine, especially Batgirl, whose kit is remarkably similar to Batman’s. Despite Batman’s importance to Gotham City, Knights of Gotham can prove that its existence isn’t necessary to tell stories in the darkest city in the DC Universe.

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While Rocksteady Studios has developed most of the Batman: arkham games, WB Games Montreal has developed Batman: Arkham Origins and Batgirl: a family affair, as well as a number of other DLC for Knight of arkham. Although Origins of Arkham met with mixed reviews upon its release in 2013, it provided the series with essential backstory. To go further, the DLC of Batgirl in Batman: The Knight of Arkham excelled over other DLCs, providing nearly an hour of content and expanding the character of Barbara Gordon beyond her role as Oracle. If WB Games Montreal recreates this process for each playable character in Knights of Gotham, that would bode well for the game as a whole.

Arkham Knight DLC Proves Batman’s Abilities Can Be Adapted

A Gotham Knights screenshot showing Batgirl.

games like Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: The Knight of Arkham proved how useful Batman’s abilities can be, but the Batgirl DLC from Batman: The Knight of Arkham proves how well these abilities work on any character. Batman’s abilities are unique among the Justice League, as the World’s Greatest Sleuth is one of the few members without superpowers. What it does have, however, are capabilities based on technology or physical prowess, which have also become a hallmark of the Batman: arkham series. Despite their association with Batman, the satisfying combat of the Batgirl DLC combines new tools and the colorful personality of Barbara Gordon to create a familiar yet new attitude.

While Batgirl: a family affair, Batgirl teams up with Robin to find the Joker, who kidnapped his father. Batarangs, the Line Launcher, Freeze Explosive, Smoke Bombs, Remote Hacking Divine, Batclaw, and a Grappling Pistol are at his disposal. Contrasting with Batman: The Knight of Arkham, Knights of Gotham provides Batgirl with a police baton she wears in honor of her late father, opening up the possibility of new melee combos, but it’s likely Batgirl players will receive a Batman-like kit.

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Additionally, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin are likely to receive their own customizations of Batman’s weapons and abilities. As an acrobatic fighter, Nightwing can use a brighter form of martial arts from his mentor, while Red Hood relies more on brute force and guns. Batman: arkham has also implemented Tim Drake’s Robin in several games and DLCs, using the teachings of Batman with a focus on technology and his team.

Batgirl: A Family Matter Proves Batman’s Allies Deserve Special Attention

Batgirl on a Banner Family Affair - Batman Arkham Knight

Batman remained the cornerstone of DC games and media for many years, rivaling other comic book heroes like Spider-Man during this time. Unfortunately, the success of the Batman: arkham the games ended in a stalemate for the character. The biggest weakness in many Batman stories is how little he has to lose. Few movies and games take advantage of the Bat family, usually made up of adopted children, cousins, and Batman’s self-defense partners, in contrast to their greater focus in the comics. Batgirl: a family affair devotes an entire screenplay to Batgirl’s personal relationships, which Knights of Gotham could capitalize. Although Batman: arkham provided many Batman-centric stories, exploring the personalities and inner struggles of the characters influenced by the Dark Knight could dramatically improve Knights of Gotham‘ narration.

Gotham Knights could be the key to more family bat games

Batman Gotham Knights Batcycle Arkham Knight Batmobile Bad

Although Rocksteady Studios has announced Batman: The Knight of Arkham like the finale of the Batman story in their video game universe, Knights of Gotham could provide the series with a spiritual successor despite being set in another universe. Rocksteady Studios continues Batman: arkham through the next one Suicide Squad game, but Gotham’s departure is about a fresh start rather than a sequel. Instead of, Knights of Gotham can capture the bleak spirit of Gotham City without Batman as a focal point. Most people are familiar with Bruce Wayne’s story and personality, and although he remains a popular character, his character’s growth can often become stagnant and predictable. This was not the case with the Rocksteady finale, because Batman: The Knight of Arkham satisfactorily completed Batman’s arc, but even so, his death in Knights of Gotham presents an opportunity to retroactively develop the character in a unique and meaningful way.

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Despite Knights of Gotham taking place in a different universe, WB Games Montreal was inspired by many systems present within the Batman: arkham series. For example, Batgirl’s abilities during Knights of Gotham Gameplay reveals the trailer is incredibly similar to Batman’s abilities in Knight of arkham. Additionally, the motorcycles available to playable characters seem to work the same as the Batmobile. With loading and traversing capacities showing many similarities to the Batman: arkham series, Knights of Gotham presents fans with a way to experience Gotham (and the legacy of Batman) in a refreshing new way.

Batgirl: a family affair proves that WB Games Montreal can develop quality stories for the Bat Family by Knights of Gotham, despite the mixed response to Batman: Arkham Origins. The absence of Batman and a new universe in the game gives the company plenty of opportunities to tell a unique story. Batman can usually be in the spotlight in Gotham City, but the character’s potential overexposure provides opportunities for his allies to experience exceptional growth in mediums other than comics. Knights of Gotham is slated for release in 2022, but WB Games Montreal has yet to confirm a specific date.

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