All Arkham Batman Games, Ranked

The game studio behind the hit Batman: Arkham The series returns, this time pitting two of DC’s most famous teams against each other in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. And that’s not the only related game coming soon. Gotham Knights is set to release even earlier this year from WB Montreal, which is responsible for the Origins of Arkham payment of the deductible.

With not one, but two new DC-centric games on the horizon, it’s a good time to look back on the groundbreaking series that reinvigorated the gaming genre. The Batman-centric Arkham series not only made the genre superhero game a viable option in the future, but also a popular option. They were able to use its amazing source material and capture the very essence of their characters, but some did it better than others.

6 Origins of Arkham: Blackgate

A screenshot from the Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate video game.

the Origins of Arkham The linking game for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita was a first for the series of games moving away from consoles, which wasted a lot of time in translation. The side-scrolling handheld was fine but didn’t add anything noteworthy or significant to the Arkham series.

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It didn’t offer players any new revelations about the overarching storyline with repetitive villains and storylines during the 10-hour campaign. But the game had well-animated cutscenes and the combat was the same fun that fans of the series enjoy. Origins of Arkham: Blackgate isn’t a total loss but far from a must-play, putting it last in the series.

5 Arkham RV

Batman Arkham VR

Using new technology and game media, the main attraction of Arkham RV is the idea of ​​becoming the hero fans have idolized for over 80 years. Arkham RV primarily relies on the player’s fascination with living out their deepest Batman fantasies in a fun open-world experience and embodying the larger-than-life icon.

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In this aspect, it largely succeeds in giving fans that much sought-after perspective, but does little in terms of actual gameplay. And cool concept and new technology can only get this game so far. This installment of the franchise isn’t much of a game, with only around 90 minutes of runtime and minimal gameplay mechanics, it fails to land in the same ballpark as some of the others.

4 Origins of Arkham

Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Boss Fight

Origins of Arkham was a deviation from the rest of the series as it was developed by WB Games Montreal and not Rocksteady like the other installments. And the change of developers was not the only thing to change. A different battlesuit, different voice actors, and different overall styles were proof that change isn’t always good.

Unfortunately, the game failed to capture the magic of others with clunky gameplay and a rather underwhelming plot. But not all of the changes were bad. The game still did a lot well though, with a fun campaign, decent story, and fresh concepts. Unlike all other games, Origins of Arkham included a new online multiplayer mode that gave the episode an extra boost to its lifespan and value. With sufficient fan support, a Origins of Arkham remaster could be a worthwhile undertaking.

3 arkham asylum

Batman battles the Joker's henchmen in Batman Arkham Asylum

The game that started it all arkham asylum launched a new Batman franchise that was fresh, engaging, and fun. It was one of, if not the first game where the player felt like the iconic Dark Knight. All aspects of the game capture the feel of the Batman character.

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The combat was powerful, the stealth missions were well-crafted, and the detective work was smart, all adding to the feeling that the player was the vigilante. Held back only by the game’s anti-climactic ending, Arkham Asylum The conclusion left gamers feeling aggrieved after investing around 10-12 hours in it. Still, this game has become the new gold standard of the genre.

2 Arkham Knight

Batman in front of the Batsignal above Gotham

The conclusion of Rocksteady’s Batman series, Arkham Knight was a triumph for Batman fans everywhere. The game retained what worked well in previous games while introducing a few new features, a new armored bat suit, and the inclusion of the Batmobile.

The world was extremely well designed, allowing Batman to glide or traverse Gotham City with ease and fun. Arkham Knight ongoing interesting side quests that seemed to have satisfying payoffs (except for Hush) and character interactions all felt personal and meaningful. But unfortunately the Batmobile, while a fun concept, does hold back the gameplay by forcing it into the mix a bit too much. The tank warfare missions of taking out military drones deviated a bit too much from the personal feel of being Batman that previous games were able to capture so well.

1 Arkham City

The Joker Revealing His Titan Affliction in Batman: Arkham City

The sequel to 2011, Arkham City, improved on the first in all the right ways. The graphics were better, the world was bigger, and the story was richer. Like its predecessor, this game felt like the player was immersed in the seminal world of Batman, but this time with more freedom and more ground to cover.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game was the scale. It may not look impressive now but at the time of release, Arkham City had one of the greatest open-world environments games ever seen. But the larger scale has not simply been relegated to the map. The story was much more ambitious with several more tangents and side quests for the player along with some cool new combat techniques. This game had everything Caped Crusader fans could ask for without being cluttered, making it the best on the list.

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