Alf Anderson of the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce submits letter of resignation [UPDATE]

Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Alf Anderson emailed members this morning, Oct. 19, announcing his resignation. He will remain in the House until the end of 2022.

Anderson had been the executive director since August 6, 2019, and guided the Chamber through the COVID pandemic

Here is his letter

Dear members,

I am writing to share the news that I have decided to step down as Executive Director of the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce. I will be staying until the end of the year to support the community with our fall events and the production of our Bar Harbor 2023 Visitor Guide.

My wife, Heather, and I are moving to southern Maine, so I won’t be going far. It was a very difficult decision, but we realized over the past few months that we needed to be closer to our families.

The past seven and a half years have been challenging but rewarding. It has been a privilege to represent all of you and it has been a pleasure to participate in promoting Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park as a world-class destination. And it was an honor to know you all.

I will miss working alongside my fellow Chamber staff Melanie, Chris, Aubrie, Donna and Peter. I will miss working with the dedicated volunteers on our Board of Directors. And, of course, I will miss the passionate and caring community of Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island!

As I mentioned, I will be here until December and hope to have the chance to see as many community members as possible by then. Please stop by the office to say hello or meet me during the pajama sale and bed runs or village holiday celebration to chat.

I hope you will continue to show your support for the great work being done in the House. It’s a solid organization that was there long before me and will remain long after I’m gone.

All my wishes,

The Chamber is convening a search committee to seek his replacement and will post the job advertisement at

Board Chair Nina Barufaldi St. Germain said, “Alf has been an excellent leader for the Chamber, including his time navigating the COVID-19 pandemic when the tourism and hospitality industry he hotel industry has experienced difficulties around the world. He was a supportive and innovative team player. planner, in addition to doing an excellent job of promoting our region. We look forward to hearing about his future projects.

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