A horror film festival is coming to Montreal this month to scare you


Since 2002, the ever-growing SPASM Short Film Festival has showcased the efforts of local horror and sci-fi filmmakers.

SPASM was initially classified as “amateur cinema”, but in its inaugural year, the quality of horror cinema was so surprising that the organizers decided to withdraw the “amateur” label for the next edition.

Check out this trailer for the 18th edition of the festival in 2019, and you’ll soon find out that these aren’t your average B-movies.

Now in its 20th edition, this year’s festival, which officially kicks off on October 21, will feature online and in-person screenings of films from Quebec and the rest of the world.

And for the first time in the history of SPASM, all of the short films on the program will be available online as well as in person.

There are some advantages to purchasing tickets in person. On the one hand, events like the Total Fuck Special 80s are presented exclusively on site.

Other events include the Great night of horror Friday October 29 and Kabaret Saturday, October 30.

Festival passports range from $ 40 to $ 75.

The full list of shorts will be released on Thursday, October 14.

For more information on this year’s edition of SPASM and the history of the festival, click here.

When: October 21 to 31
Or: Various locations across Montreal
Price: $ 40 – $ 75

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