10 of the World’s Best Outdoor Rinks Just in Time for Winter

There are so many ways to have an amazing time in winter. While many people prefer to spend their time sliding on fluffy snow or riding a cable car, others prefer riding on ice rinks and enjoying performing amazing moves. With so many rinks set up in different parts of the world during the winter, ice skating enthusiasts have plenty of options to choose from. To narrow down the list and make the decision easier, here is the best ice rink in the world worth gliding this winter.

10/10 Natrel Ice Rink, Montreal, Canada

Montreal is an amazing place to be during the winter. With temperatures sometimes dropping below -10 degrees Celsius in winter, the atmosphere here is ideal for a wide range of winter activities. When it comes to ice skating, however, one of the best rinks to visit is the Natrel Ice Rink. This rink offers excellent ice skating opportunities for all skill levels, and skating equipment is available to rent here. In addition to offering skating at the base of Canada’s tallest Ferris wheel, visitors to this rink will be entertained by music, beautiful lights and breathtaking views of the skyscrapers.

9/10 Skate at Somerset House, London

Melodious music, colorful lights and beautiful Christmas decorations are just some of the things visitors to Skate at Somerset House will enjoy while skating. The stunning surrounding buildings illuminated with warm lights and the 18th century landscape of the courtyard also add to the scenery that visitors to this skating rink will enjoy.

8/10 City Park Ice Rink, Budapest, Hungary

Often considered the largest and one of the oldest ice rinks in Europe, this Budapest ice rink promises visitors an exciting skating adventure and plenty of winter scenery. The skating rink was built in 1926 and covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters which is used for different activities such as boating in the summer. In winter, people run to this huge ice rink to slide and enjoy impressive views of the city of Budapest. Skating equipment is available for rent at the rink, and there are restaurants nearby for a few quick bites.

7/10 Winter Wonderland Ice Rink, Hyde Park, London

There are so many outdoor ice rinks in the UK, but the largest is hosted by Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This rink offers visitors the opportunity to skate near a Christmas market, several rides, food stalls, and many holiday attractions. The ice rink here is a great place for those who want to combine their ice skating with so many other exciting winter experiences.

6/10 Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, New York

New York’s Rockefeller Center attracts people for many reasons, but during the winter, the incredible skating rink is the reason people flock to this attraction. Located across from the Rockefeller Building, this rink offers visitors the chance to skate under the magnificent golden Prometheus while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding holiday lighting.

5/10 Ice Skating Museumplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is not one of the best winter destinations in the world for nothing. The country is full of many exciting winter attractions, including the incredible Museumplein. In winter, this public space transforms into a picturesque Winterland where a huge ice rink welcomes visitors to enjoy an unforgettable ice skating experience. The rink is suitable for skaters of all skill levels, and the twinkling lights and surrounding greenery combine to give visitors the best experience ever.

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4/10 Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, London

When the weather turns cold in London, people go out to ice skate. For one of the best ice skating experiences in the UK’s capital, head to Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink. Here, visitors will have a view of the magnificent Hampton Court Palace while gliding down the spacious ice rink. Several bars and cafes will be open at the rink to ensure visitors have the strength they need to show off all the thrilling moves they have under their sleeves.

3/10 Nathan Philips Square Ice Rink, Toronto

The skating rink in Nathan Philips Square offers visitors the chance to glide past stunning skyscrapers and a huge Christmas tree engulfed in dazzling lights. Skating equipment rental is available at this rink, and there are several shops and cafes nearby where one can grab a bite to eat before hitting the rink.

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2/10 Rideau Canal Skateway, Ottawa

All skating enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced skaters, must experience the magic of the Rideau Canal Skateway in Canada’s Capital. Stretching over a total length of 7.8 km, this ice rink is so large that it is now known as the largest ice rink in the world. The rink runs through downtown Ottawa and offers skaters the opportunity to explore this incredible city while skating. This canal also serves as a transportation highway offering people the unique opportunity to skate to work, school, or just to get somewhere in the city.

1/10 Vienna Ice Dream, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is home to some of the most sought-after winter attractions, from incredible Christmas markets to spectacular Schönbrunn Palace. When it comes to this city’s winter attractions, the list isn’t complete without mentioning the incredible Vienna Ice Dream. With an area of ​​9,500 square meters and so much vibrant lighting and stunning architecture around the rink, the experience here is like a dream. The ice rink is located opposite the Vienna City Hall, which means that one can quickly sample Christmas market food and explore the beautiful architectural and festive scenery before proceeding to hire skates to slide on the ice rink.

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